The Chilliwack Tulip Festival Returns on April 19th

A burst of spring colour returns this month, as the 17th annual edition of the Chilliwack Tulip Festival blooms anew, opening our fields on Wednesday, April 19th! Founded in 2006, our event was the first of its kind locally, and a pioneer in promoting agritourism and the Fraser Valley’s integral role in BC farming.

Photographer: Rachel Barkman
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At BC’s premier flower farm experience, guests can stop to smell, admire and, of course, photograph a vibrant flower-scape curated over 20 acres. Among more than seven million bulbs planted at the festival are 30 tulip varieties, 16 types of daffodils and five types of hyacinths.

Behind our festival’s dazzle is the integrity of a year-round working farm. Our greenhouse operations, Onos Greenhouses, leases land from a local farm, growing the tulips on our Chilliwack field that becomes the annual festival grounds. After the festival, Onos Greenhouses collects the bulbs and then we use them in our greenhouse operation, which currently supplies 85% of the cut tulips that are sold throughout Western Canada—a joyous annual sign to Canadians that spring has arrived.

Since different floral varieties bloom over the span of the festival and the grounds, repeat visits offer guests a range of delights. For instance, our kick-off days feature early-blooming tulip varieties (including the ever-popular World’s Favourite), plus colourful daffodils and hyacinths adjacent to the tulip fields. This year, our flower fields are located within 75 metres of the entrance, making the experience easier than ever to access.

With between seven and 15 acres of flowers in full bloom at any given time, selfie spots and photo opportunities abound! Seven sets of swings, outdoor lawn games, a 1950s Morris convertible and a 1965 Airstream trailer are among the charming props and settings to inspire memory-making moments.

The Farm Shop will be open daily, offering treats and refreshments to supplement the offerings from popular local food trucks. For home gardeners, fresh-cut and potted tulips, sunflower seeds and tulip-themed souvenirs are among The Farm Shop offerings.

“My family and I look forward to welcoming visitors to explore the colourful fields,” says our festival founder Kate Onos-Gilbert. “Opening the festival each year truly feels like a celebration of spring.”

The Chilliwack Tulip Festival runs daily, 10am to 6pm, from April 19, for approximately three to four weeks. Sunrise tickets, from 6am to 7am, will be available on weekends. Ticket prices vary for adults, seniors, children, and bus groups. Book at least one day in advance to save $5 per person. Tickets are available online only. The fields are located at 41310 Royalwood Dr, just off Highway 1. Parking is free. For complete details, including ticket pricing and purchasing, visit

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