Frequently Asked Questions

Closed for the 2022 season.

Where are you located?

Easy-peasy. It’s just an easy drive along Highway 1. Our fields are located right off the highway, in Chilliwack, BC. Take exit 109 (Yale Road West exit) and proceed to 41310 Royalwood Drive. See our Getting Here page for detailed directions.

There’s also an alternate access via Exit 116 and return via Yale Road West. For driveway access onto the fields, take Royalwood Drive.

Are we allowed to bring dogs/house pets*?

We love dogs and all animals! We’re big pet people. And we always set up a drink station near the bathrooms. We only ask that you keep your furry friends leashed and please pick up after them, as we don’t want to make a mess for others to step in.

*If you are thinking of bringing an unconventional pet (particularly any larger animals), please inquire with us via our Contact page first.

How much does it cost?

Less than a boring movie and dinner, more than a dollar store. No, really. We want to be inclusive of all, so we keep our prices reasonable in comparison to other fests. We also offer discounts for buying tickets online. Click here for our prices.

What is the cost of parking?

A smile… because parking is free! Whether you’re in a tour bus, truck, car, bike, moped or motorcycle. Whatever you take to come down here, we have plenty of free parking for all, available all week long!

What are your hours of operation?

We’re open 7 days a week during bloom season.

Monday – Friday: 10am-6pm*
Saturday & Sunday: 6am-6pm*

*Ticket-holders for the 6pm time slots must use their admission ticket by 6:30 and are permitted on fields until 7:30pm

If there aren’t any tickets purchased for the 6am time slot on Saturdays or Sundays by 8pm the night prior, we will open at 7am.

If you have purchased a Season Pass and plan to arrive for the 6am time slot any Saturday or Sunday, please e-mail by 8pm the night prior, otherwise the field may not be open.

How far are the fields from parking?

You don’t have to be a marathon runner. We try to make it easy on all our guests by providing parking right next to our fields. For 2022 we suggest that those with mobility restrictions come later in April as our early flowers are the furthest from the parking area.

Is there accessible parking?

Tulips are treats that everyone should be able to enjoy! So, we provide handicap parking on a gravel area right next to our entrance booth. The area is marked with the Accessible Parking Decal. Spaces are limited, so if you require an area to unload wheelchairs and walkers, we urge you to come early, especially on weekends.

What about field accessibility?

The great news is, on a dry day, it should be possible to manage on our paths along the front of our fields; but it will be more difficult to navigate the entire field. It’s best to keep your visit to non-rainy days (yes, we have them), if using a wheelchair, walker or if you have difficulty walking. Umbrella strollers and other strollers with  smaller wheels are not recommended at the field.

Can I walk over the entire field?

Because we value the delicate tulip, and because this is a working farm, we limit where our guests can walk. You can” tiptoe” around the perimeter of our fields and along our “tulip paths” through the middle of our tulip fields. There is no walking allowed along narrow tractor tracks in between the rows of tulips, to prevent damage to the plants.

We won’t keep you confined to one path, though. We now have several! We have new paths between our daffodils and hyacinths. The hyacinths are particularly delicate – they bruise easily – so we keep a small fence around that part of our fields. But, feel free to walk along the paths and take in their sensational scent!

Can we purchase bulbs at your fields?

Yes, we’re big into bulbs! Though as the bulbs are still in the ground during the tulip season, you will have to visit the Chilliwack Sunflower fields in August through September to pick up your Canadian grown tulip and daffodil bulbs.

What type of flowers can you see in the fields?

We feature 8.5 million tulips, with over 30 different varieties. That’s a lot of colour! We also have three acres of specialty double daffodils, in 16 varieties, and three acres of hyacinths, in 10 varieties. It’s Spring come to life, in an explosion of eye-catching shades!

How long has Tulips of the Valley been in operation?

Hmmm, you’re asking our age. A lady never tells – except us- we love to highlight how long we’ve been doing this. We are the original and largest tulip field in Western Canada and 2022 will be our 16th year! We started our tulip experience back in 2006, in Agassiz, BC, and held it there for 10 years. This will be our 6th year operating in Chilliwack, BC.

Are the tulips just grown for the experience?

Our fields are first and foremost a working farm. That means, you’re visiting a real, agricultural, family-run business, where we work the land, not just for show, but to provide the community with beautiful flowers and to showcase the bountiful agri-tourism that exists in BC.

In fact, we grew bulbs way before we opened our fields to the public, through our greenhouse operation, Onos Greenhouses Ltd. It just so happened that people wanted to not only buy the cut flowers for their tabletops, but wanted to watch them flower in a magnificent array of colour in their natural habitat, the fields!

Once they’ve finished blooming in the fields, we harvest the tulip bulbs and sort them by size. The largest ones are used to grow our cash crop of cut tulips. Onos Greenhouses grow 9-10 million tulips each spring (January 1-Mother’s Day), with about 30% of them originating from the bulbs in our fields and the rest of the bulbs are imported from Holland. They also grow several hundred thousand hyacinths in their greenhouses, also for cut flowers.

See our Year in a Life page for more details on the life of a tulip bulb.

How big are your fields?

Size does matter when you want a magnificent shot of a tulip field. Not only are we the original tulip growers in Western Canada (16 years running), we’re also the largest!

Our farm uses some of the most sophisticated planting equipment, direct from Holland, to maximize the productivity of the land. This allows us to plant extra wide beds of tulips (180 cm wide) resulting in over 40% more flowers per acre than other growers and thus the biggest overall display, approximately 85 million flowers for the 2022 season. We don’t like to brag, but that’s over and above the average for most growers in North America.

And now, with our added three acres of specialty ‘peony-like’ double daffodils and three acres of hyacinths, we have over 25 acres of floral splendour to enjoy.

Do you pick the flowers in your fields?

It’s tempting. However, those precious bulbs are important to us. They’re the primary product from our fields. We harvest them in late May or early June and use them for our Cut Tulip Operation in Onos Greenhouses. If we cut the Tulips, the bulbs wouldn’t grow large enough and therefore couldn’t be used for bulb sales or replanting.

Then, why do you cut off just the tulip blooms when they are in full bloom?

It can be confusing, but we do this for a very good reason. Since we plant early, mid and late season tulips, naturally some come into bloom before others. Just before the petals begin to naturally fall off, a process we call “blooming out”, we cut off the tulip heads, so we have control of where the blooms fall. That keeps the petals from falling onto the stems and leaves of the tulips allowing the remaining green plants to live as long as possible in order to grow large, strong bulbs in the ground. Otherwise, early plant death can occur from fungus or rot from loose, dying petals.

Don’t worry, there’s always more on the way. The early blooms will disappear, only to be replaced by late blooming Tulips in nearby rows. Our tulip fields continually change. That’s why it’s great to visit them more than once. If you want to see the most varieties, we suggest that you come in the middle of the season, when they’ll all be blooming at roughly the same time.

Are there kid-friendly activities on the grounds?

We wouldn’t forget the kiddies. We have something for everyone! We want to make this an exciting and educational experience for all, with a little taste of what goes on in a working farm. There will be more than just fabulous tulips. We also have great activities for children, such as:

  • Lawn games when weather permits*
  • Many great photo ops!

Will other activities be offered during the tulip season?

You probably want to know if we have more than flowers? Yes, those 8.5 million Tulips are the jewel in our crown, but we also have many other activities and displays, so you can experience a whole day of fun. Other than the chance to enjoy our beautiful fields, we also have:

  1. On-site food truck – there will be a food truck at the fields daily, and some weekends will have multiple, ready to keep those tummies full so you can give the fields a second round.
  2. Special Photo Opportunities – want a great background for your smartphone? Or maybe some memorable family pics, or fun ones with your friends? Around the field, there are plenty of places to take that special photo, like beside our windmill, our old Dutch bikes, one of our seven swing-sets or by the various field-viewing platforms. Come discover the best photo backdrop you’ll ever find!
  3. You can also shop at The Farm Shop – bring back a souvenir! Impress your friends with tulip magnets, keychains, tulip tea towels, photo cards, or grab a unique gift for someone special. Hey, who has tulip oven mitts? Now, that’s original!

Look for some of these other items, available at our store:

  • Fresh cut greenhouse tulips and hyacinths
  • Potted tulips in two different sizes
  • Postcards/photo cards
  • Tulip Aprons, Oven Mitts, Tea Towels
  • Tulip T-shirts
  • Tulip Pens, Magnets, Keychains
  • Tulip Shopping Bags
  • Tulip Travel Mugs and Ceramic Mugs
  • and much more…

Will there be places to sit and get out of the weather?

If it should rain, and in BC that’s always a possibility, we’ve got you covered – literally. There’s no need to skip the fields. We will have a couple of covered areas in case of rain, or too much sun. We’ll also have several benches set up around the fields, so you can take a rest when needed, or for photo opportunities, if the mood should strike.

How should I dress?

We wouldn’t recommend expensive heels or your Sunday best. Anything that might not go well with a little dirt, you might want to leave at home. We are a farm and you will be walking in dirt fields. And though we do our best to ensure there are some areas that remain clean and dry, most of our pathways are dirt and can get muddy on wet days.

We advise you to bring the following:

  • Gum boots or good walking shoes/boots – that way, rain or shine, you’re prepared for all weather conditions. Forgot to bring a pair? No worries. We have disposable booties available, for those exceptionally wet days.
  • An umbrella, or something with a hood, in case it rains.
  • A rain jacket, to keep you warm and toasty as you stroll the fields. And layering clothes is always a good option, so you can remove items if it gets hot, or add them in if it’s a bit chilly.

Do you have bathrooms?

Well, we don’t want you tinkling in the tulips, so we have ample, regularly serviced, portable toilets on-site, with some handicap stalls and several hand-wash stations.


We want to keep the air clean for all our visitors, so please, no smoking at the fields or in our parking lots. We also ask that you refrain from vaping, as some people have sensitivities to the propellants in these products.

What methods of payment do you accept?

At one point in history, you could pay your way in Tulip bulbs (no kidding, it’s true!). Tickets are available online only, and The Farm Shop accepts cash, debit or credit (preference to debit and credit).

Do you provide refunds?

Sorry, tickets are non-refundable.

Are Drones Allowed?

Though drones can give some fantastic aerial views and images, to respect our visitors’ privacy and safety, we don’t allow drones on the fields because of new Transport Canada regulations.

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