About The Tulip Farm

How We Got Started

How did we go from tulip-growing to tulip-celebrating?

Well, we couldn’t do it by ourselves. What started out as a family passion, soon bloomed into a wonderful partnership with Onos Greenhouses Ltd., who own and grow the tulips, hyacinths and daffodils on our 20+-acre field. As you can imagine, this yields a bounty of bulbs, and at the end of the blooming season, after our guests have enjoyed their vibrant display, Onos Greenhouses collects the bulbs and then uses them in their greenhouse operation, to produce cut tulips that are sold throughout western Canada and the Northern States.

It’s with their help that we’re able to bring you Chilliwack Tulip Festival by Tulips of the Valley, BC’s Premier Flower Farm Experience!

Since then, we’ve been the Tulip Ambassador, bringing the lively, bright colours of the tulip to the Fraser Valley. People have been pouring in from as far away as South Asia and Europe, as well as closer to home from the US, Alberta and the Okanagan, just to get a glimpse of our terrain of tulips.

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Our History

When we first started cultivating these beauties, it was a pleasure enjoyed only by our family. After appreciating the tulip fields for years, we had to share the beauty with anyone who wished to see it. So, in 2006, we opened our fields to the public and we’ve done it ever since – for 17 years!

We originally opened our fields on Seabird Island, just east of Agassiz. It was on Indigenous Reserve land, and we spent the first 10 years working closely with the local band to honour their Indigenous culture. We sold Bannock at the fields, had Indigenous dancers, drummers, and even Indigenous artisans at the fields.

Now in its seventeenth year, the experience has grown from a couple of hundred visitors per season, to nearly 70,000, and we’ve relocated to charming Chilliwack, to better showcase the talents of the tulip.

Today’s Tulip Farm

So, what is this flower farm all about?

The Chilliwack Tulip Festival takes place over a 3-4-week period, mainly in April, and sometimes into May, depending on the weather. Actual length depends on temperatures, high temperatures push the tulips through faster. The festival features five varieties of hyacinths, 16 different varieties of specialty daffodils, and, of course, our main act: among seven million tulips are 30 different varieties.

Why Taking Care of Flowers is a Family Affair

And while you’re taking in the tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, you might just run into one of us. We’re a fully operating family business and a functional farm. Our family – including our three kids – have grown up alongside the tulip fields. All of our children are heavily involved in creating the experience that you know and love today.

So, you might just see us, our three kids, or group of close friends at the fields, tending the tulips, at the ticket booth, or answering questions about the life of a bulb. We all work hard to make our farm the best! And without our band of volunteers and helpers (which we like to call Team Tulip), our experience could never have grown to the size it is.

We also owe a big thanks to Royalwood Farms of Chilliwack, BC, who lease their land to our partner, Onos Greenhouses, and who make this fabulous flower experience possible.

Are You Tempted By Our Tulips?

Check if any of the following questions apply to you:
  • Sick of being stuck inside over the cold and depressing winter?
  • Feel like you have limited outdoor options in early Spring?
  • Have a family that needs to get out of the house, after being cooped up for too long?
  • Are you a young couple looking for something Instagram-worthy? Or need a romantic afternoon in between rows of colour, taking fabulous selfies among 7 million tulips?
  • Are you a great son/daughter looking to entertain your elderly parents on a short day-trip, that is also wheelchair accessible?
  • Are you leading a tour group that is interested in bringing the real farm experience to your guests?
  • Or a bit of outdoor exploration that is also close to home?
  • Are you an international tourist looking for a special place to visit in Canada? Or someone who has always wanted to see the fields of Holland, but can’t afford a pricey plane ticket?
  • Are you a photographer who wants to capture the perfect tulip shot? Or get the right kind of light as it hits our 20 acres of magnificent, rainbow-coloured tulips?
  • Want to get away from the everyday world, to witness the natural, short-lived beauty of the tulip?
  • Want an inexpensive place to visit, as you soak in the lush countryside of the Fraser Valley?
  • Want to celebrate an end to Winter and the start of Spring?
If you said yes to any of the above, then you’re a great fit for our festival!

Why Our Tulip Fest is Truly Unique

Where can you enjoy the spectacle of a Dutch countryside, without having to buy a plane ticket or wear wooden clogs (though wooden clogs are welcome on our fields)? Here, at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival!

What makes us different? What’s our flower power? What, over 7 million tulips aren’t enough?

Besides boasting the first tulip experience in British Columbia, our fields are also on a working farm. It’s not just an experience that’s thrown together. We grow all sorts of things, all year round, and visiting us is like a behind-the-scenes peek at the real farming experience. We excel in the art of horticulture. We live, breathe and work the earth. Our knowledge of the land, and sustainable gardening practices, helps us bring not only tulips, but other flowers to the fields.

We now have an additional three acres and 16 varieties of specialty double daffodils, that look like peonies, as well as five varieties of hyacinths! And if you haven’t smelled the fragrance of a hyacinth, you haven’t lived. It’s heavenly!

Other Things to Explore at the Chilliwack Tulip Fest:

  • There will be a face cut-out mural created by a local Indigenous artist Fred Jackson.
  • Yummy Traditional Dutch Foods – to keep your tummy from rumbling, we offer tasty treats available in The Farm Shop, such as our Specialty Dutch Stroop Waffles! We also have one food truck on-site, ready to serve you daily.
  • The Farm Shop – which sells fresh cut and potted tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils, postcards, photo cards and more!
  • Open 7 Days a Week – because we’ve added our daffodils and hyacinths, our field’s viewing time will be longer, 4-5 weeks!
  • Accessible to All – just remember we are on a farm and we are completely weather dependent. We have a beautiful covered area that overlooks our fields should the weather make for difficult walking/wheeling around our fields.
  • Plenty of Free Parking – we have around 10 acres of field parking, with 5 acres in bark mulch for a better all-weather option. Our gravel driveway can accommodate 8-10 vehicles in our accessible parking area. We are doing our best to ensure the land we use for parking can be re-purposed back into viable farmland when we no longer need it. We have chosen bark/pole peelings (not Cedar) as our base which over time will compost and put nutrients back into the soil for future healthy farming crops.

Most importantly, the Chilliwack Tulip Festival celebrates an end to winter and a way for our guests to start enjoying the beauty of spring!

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